Dem-NPL Legislators Take Action on Mental Health Services

May 31st, 2019


Dem-NPL Legislators Take Action on Mental Health Services.

(BISMARCK, ND) – Today, May 31st marks the conclusion of Mental Health Awareness Month. Dem-NPL legislators were aware of the unique challenges and barriers surrounding mental health this session, and successfully championed behavioral health program improvements for children, with services that span prevention, treatment, peer support, and recovery.

Dem-NPL legislators are building out more school-based and community based behavioral health services, and expanding targeted case management services for mental health issues. SB 2149 – sponsored by Senators Joan Heckaman, John Grabinger, and Larry Robinson – improves mental health awareness and suicide prevention, and addresses the increasing problem of suicide in North Dakota.

Behavioral health issues typically begin in childhood, making education and awareness for our young people crucial. With that in mind, Senator Kathy Hogan sponsored SB 2313 to address children’s behavioral health issues. The bill creates a program to provide behavioral health services for children at risk of or identified as having a behavioral health condition in their family, with a focus on early intervention, treatment, and recovery services.

By supporting those with special needs – and children who need access to behavioral health services- North Dakota can strengthen individuals, families, and communities, another core value of the Dem-NPL. The impact of these bills have not gone unnoticed, as constituents of Senator Kathy Hogan and Senator John Grabinger wrote letters to the editor to thank them for their hard work and dedication