Sinner introduces legislation promoting rail safety
DEM-NPL Leaders Find Room for Improvement in 2015 Budget
2015 Budget Response
Republican Supermajority Not Telling the Truth About Their Oil Extraction Tax Cut Scheme
ND Republican Supermajority
Astrup's "Respect the Taxpayer" Plan simplifies taxes, provides $1.1 billion in relief
Astrup Tax Plan
Axness & Reisenauer's "Broadband North Dakota" improves I.T. for businesses, consumers
Broadband ND
Fairfield's "Open for Business" plan cuts Al Jaeger's red tape, modernizes business registration
Fairfield’s “North Dakota: Open for Business” Initiative
Axness: PSC has failed to serve North Dakota's farmers
Axness: PSC has failed to protect North Dakota’s farmers
U.S. House candidate George Sinner proposes "No Work, No Pay" Initiative
U.S. House candidate George Sinner proposes “No Work, No Pay” Initiative
Astrup proposes "Saluting Their Service" tax cut for active duty military and veterans
Astrup proposes “Saluting Their Service” Tax Cut
PSC Candidates Tyler Axness and Todd Reisenauer unveil innovative RAILS Plan
PSC candidates Axness and Reisenauer unveil forward-thinking RAILS Plan

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