Platform & Resolutions

Tax Structure

Property Taxes

The Dem-NPL Party strongly urges the State Legislature to address inequities and deficiencies in the current property tax system.

Tax Cuts Reversal

The Dem-NPL supports a full reversal of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act Tax Reform as it significantly adds to the national deficit and to reverse the tax cuts for the top 1% income earners.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The Dem-NPL Party supports a state Earned Income Tax Credit.

Renters Tax Relief

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to providing tax relief to residential renters through income tax credits.

School Support

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to strong state financial support resulting in a reduction in school property tax while at the same time allowing local school boards adequate authority to fund an essential education program.

Homestead Tax Exemption

The Dem-NPL Party supports expanding the homestead tax exemption to more North Dakota residents.

Natural Disaster Relief

The Dem-NPL Party believes the State of North Dakota should not profit from the property losses suffered when declared natural disasters strike our citizens. To meet this goal, the State of North Dakota should provide, with the approval of the local government, sales tax reductions, property tax reductions, and North Dakota income tax credits for the uninsured losses, to the original property owners, in the event of a governmentally-declared natural disaster.

Production Tax % Stay at Counties

The Dem-NPL supports committing more of the state collected oil production tax to the oil producing counties for support services and infrastructure needs.

State Aid Distribution Fund

The Dem-NPL supports an enhancement of the formula used to fund State Aid Distributions Fund.

Business Tuition Assistance

The Dem-NPL supports providing tax incentives to ND businesses to provide tuition assistance to North Dakota students in return for job placement with that company.

Sales Tax Exemption

The Dem-NPL supports a sales tax exemption on clothing, feminine hygiene products, prescription, and OTC medications.

Oil Extraction Tax

The Dem-NPL Party supports the flat, workable oil extraction tax of 6.5%.

Review of Fund Balances

The Dem-NPL supports a systematic review of specific State created fund categories which have a significant fund balance.

Increase Cigarette and Alcohol Taxes

The Dem-NPL supports an increase cigarette and alcohol taxes, must add electronic cigarettes as taxable.

Taxes for Opioid Treatment

The Dem-NPL supports a tax of $1 per pack of cigarettes to be used for opioid and other drug treatment, with a sunset date of five years after adoption.

Increase in Gas Tax

The Dem-NPL supports an increase in the gas tax to help road maintenance, which would be equitably distributed between rural and urban bridge and highway needs.

Infrastructure Damages

The Dem-NPL supports oil companies paying for infrastructure damages.

Township Refinery Roads

The Dem-NPL supports the adequate funding paid for by refiners of rural roads leading to and from refineries to relieve the burden on townships.

Taxes Allocation to Fund

The Dem-NPL supports legislation that all allocated taxes, such as gas tax, smoking cessation, etc. are assured by law to go to that department (rather than the general fund).

Online Tax Filing

The Dem-NPL supports the ability to file taxes online, and the government notifying people what is owed (similar to what is done in the United Kingdom).

Legacy Fund

The Dem-NPL supports the continued Legacy Fund collections to supplement State priorities in periods of need by keeping the Oil Extraction Tax at the 6.5% flat rate.