Public Safety

Use of Alcohol/Drug Testing Devices

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to enhancing public safety while diminishing prison costs by expanding at state expense the use of devices that sense when offenders are using alcohol and drugs.

Alternatives to Incarceration

The Dem-NPL Party supports state funded regional substance abuse treatment programs that are available to the public and as an alternative to incarceration for those convicted of non-violent drug use violations.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to making changes needed to reduce prescription drug abuse in the state including increased support for regional and tribal addiction treatment centers.


The Dem-NPL supports the legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis, and expungement of non-violent charges.

Detection of Impairment Due to an Excessive Use of Marijuana

The Dem-NPL Party supports the funding in research needed to develop a usable test for law enforcement and others to detect impairment due to an excessive use of marijuana.

Supplementary Law Enforcement Support in Rural North Dakota

The Dem-NPL supports additional funding for large rural Law Enforcement districts, i.e.-one Deputy to cover all of Golden Valley County at night.

Firearm Safety

The Dem-NPL Party supports common sense regulations regarding the safe use of firearms for North Dakotans.

  • The Dem-NPL supports legislation to close the loophole stating that it’s legal to sell and buy modification kits that can convert semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones.
  • The Dem-NPL supports requiring North Dakota unlicensed gun sellers at gun shows, and private gun dealers to conduct the same instant background checks that licensed dealers need to conduct, using the National Criminal Instant Background Check System.
  • The Dem-NPL Supports school Resource Officers who are trained in law enforcement, and in adolescent behavior.
  • The Dem-NPL supports secure processes for students and adults to anonymously report suspected gun violence behavior, along with organized community forums where groups can share ideas, parents and kids can learn where to turn for help, and training is provided in the community to learn the signs of potential danger, and provides information on how to seek out interventions.
  • The Dem-NPL supports a mandatory Certified Firearm safety training for any first time purchaser of a firearm.
  • The Dem-NPL supports increasing the age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from 18 to 21, and require a 3-day waiting period to purchase.

Railroad Safety

The Dem-NPL supports RR safety and will fight any possible legislation to require only one person in the RR engine area.

EMS Protections

The Dem-NPL supports protections, safety measures and long term planning for EMS workers and law enforcement

24/7 Drug Sobriety Program

The Dem-NPL supports expanding the 24/7 sobriety program.