Roads and Bridge Funding

The Dem-NPL Party supports a significant increase in funding for transportation infrastructure.

Public Transportation

The Dem-NPL Party supports increased public transportation with a focus on providing to seniors, the disabled, and healthcare needs.

Passenger Rail

The Dem-NPL Party supports establishment of passenger rail, with high-speed rail wherever and whenever feasible.

Clean Safe Drinking Water

The Dem-NPL Party supports the belief that it is mandatory for all North Dakota communities to have clean, affordable, and safe drinking water, and maintains the premise that that clean water is a human right. Communities are encouraged to have income-based lifeline rates.

Electric Charging Stations

The Dem-NPL Party supports efforts to prepare for the modernization of personal transition to include the development of a network of electric charging stations, updating vehicle and traffic codes to safely incorporate driverless vehicles and the removal of other physical and legal impediments to adaptation of alternative fueled vehicles.


The Dem-NPL supports funding and promotion of biking trails, and protects cyclists’ right to the road.


Dem-NPL supports the subsidy of small regional airports.