Platform & Resolutions

Housing, Childcare and Quality of Life


The Dem-NPL Party supports making North Dakota’s childcare quality rating and improvement system available to all early care and learning settings ensuring children have optimal opportunities, to include developmental optical and psychological support, more than the 20-20 Assessment they have today.

Rent Subsidy

The Dem-NPL Party urges the state legislature to develop a needs-based formula to assist with rental costs, with an emphasis on the elderly, veterans, young families and people with disabilities.


The Dem-NPL Party supports providing Bank of North Dakota loan guarantees available to cover the housing appraisal gap (the gap between purchase price and resale value) especially in rural and oil patch regions and to assisting localities in fighting homelessness and provide housing affordability for all.

Childcare Services

The Dem-NPL Party supports funding for developing professional childcare services throughout North Dakota, especially in areas where services are lacking.

Childcare Training

The Dem-NPL Party supports providing educational and training opportunities to child care workers, grants to licensed childcare providers to assist with facilities and equipment, childcare tax credits, and business government partnerships.

Childcare Review Staffing

The Dem-NPL supports adequately funding of State staffing for on-site visits to childcare facilities and to review and investigate any concerns.

Childcare Costs Incentives

The Dem-NPL recognizes the inherent rising costs of childcare and to combat those rising costs, supports restoring the childcare assistance program funding level to rates prior to the 2016 Legislative Session; and creating tax incentives for businesses who pay all or a portion of their employees childcare expenses.

Homeless Family Daycare

The Dem-NPL supports assistance to the poor or homeless families who have no access to daycare.The Dem-NPL supports the passage of the Childcare for Working Families Act.


The Dem-NPL supports the Legislature taking action toward the plight of the homeless; recognizing that despite the closure of shelters, every North Dakotan should have a guaranteed right to shelter.


The Dem-NPL supports the Murray-Scott “Childcare for Working Families Act” of 2013.

Support of the Arts

The Dem-NPL is committed to the vitality of the arts as essential to life in our state.