Health and Human Services

Single Payer Health Insurance

The Dem-NPL Party supports implementation of a universal single-payer healthcare system, beginning with the Medicare at 55 Act.

Medical Marijuana

The Dem-NPL supports the implementation of the medical marijuana legislation.

Reproductive Medical Care

The Dem-NPL Party supports policies that provide people with access to needed reproductive medical care, including pre- and post-natal care. The Dem-NPL Party further supports accurate sexual health education in schools.

Regional Substance Abuse Programs

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to increasing support for regional and tribal addiction treatment centers, especially with the current opioid crisis.

Vouchers for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

The Dem-NPL Party supports the use of vouchers to secure all mental health and substance abuse treatment in the Medicaid program, including treatment at human service centers.

Psychiatric Services

The Dem-NPL Party supports increased statewide access to regional medically- based psychiatric services.

Services to Pregnant Minors

The Dem-NPL Party supports comprehensive support services to pregnant minors and a review of laws related to consent for pregnancy testing, prenatal care, and pain management.

Affordable Care Act

The Dem-NPL Party opposes any attempts to repeal the federal Affordable Care Act including Medicaid Expansion.

Veterans’ Health Care

The Dem-NPL Party strongly urges that all steps be taken to ensure that all veterans receive the health care, vision care, dental care, and related services required, using the most modern equipment, procedures, and techniques available. We support combating suicide and adverse behavioral and mental health issues our veterans and their families endure. The veteran should be able to access necessary services at the facility as close as possible to their home of record or be referred to the nearest medical facility, and we ask the North Dakota Congressional delegation to support this request at the national level.

Children’s Health Insurance

The Dem-NPL Party support ways to expand coverage for uninsured and underinsured children to ensure that all children in North Dakota have access to health care coverage, including raising the eligibility for North Dakota Healthy Steps and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIPS).

Stroke Registry, Training and Public Education

The Dem-NPL Party supports continued state funding for stroke registry, training and public education.

Emergency Medical Care

The Dem-NPL Party supports expansion of the Division of EMS administrative support and local matching grant program, in addition to partial loan forgiveness for those who serve in rural communities.

EMT Benefits

The Dem-NPL Party supports providing health benefits and Workman Compensation Insurance to volunteer firefighter and emergency responders.

Continuum of Behavioral Health Services

The Dem-NPL Party supports the development of the full continuum of behavioral health services including: prevention, early intervention, crisis services, treatment services, support services and recovery supports that helps people of all ages receive needed supports in the least restrictive environments by use of evidence based practices.


The Dem-NPL Party supports full implementation of Mental Health parity for both public and private insurance.

Individuals with Disabilities

The Dem-NPL Party supports continuing programs specifically targeting the employment, education, housing, transportation, and access to assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.


The Dem-NPL supports Medicaid waivers for permission to do “creative things” that meet client’s unique issues and needs.

Critical Direct Services

The Dem-NPL supports direct services for critical needs of workers, including farmers, in difficult times of the economy/job stress.

Improve Health

The Dem-NPL Party supports improving the physical and behavioral health of North Dakotans through public and private programs and legislation that will prevent disease, reduce the disparities that exist due to where people live and their economic status, increase access to healthcare, and increase affordability of healthcare.


The Dem-NPL Party supports retention of Medicare’s guaranteed benefits and preventing the shifting of costs to Medicare beneficiaries.

Indian Health Services (IHS)

The Dem-NPL Party supports full funding of IHS in fulfillment of the federal obligation to provide health care to American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Training of Health Care Workers

The Dem-NPL should promote and support an ongoing fund for the training/re-training of healthcare professionals in critical need areas.


The Dem-NPL should promote and support reciprocity of healthcare professional’s licensure from other states.

Family Leave

The Dem-NPL supports paid maternal, paternal, and family leave for all full-time and part-time employees.


Dem-NPL supports the Center for Disease Control guidelines in tobacco reduction programs, and continuation of North Dakota Tobacco Settlement funding of prevention/cessation programs.

CPR-Defibrillator Training

The Dem-NPL supports training of CPR and the use of the emergency defibrillators now in many public locations, especially the employees in those locations.

Help Lines

The Dem-NPL supports call-in “Help Lines” for parents who have concerns with overly abusive or violent children.