Platform & Resolutions

Effective Government

Social Security

The Dem-NPL Party opposes any and all efforts to privatize Social Security or weaken Medicare. The Dem-NPL Party supports efforts to eliminate the cap on taxable earnings for Social Security taxes.

Voter Rights

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to an election process free of procedural barriers that disenfranchise and discourage voters. We endorse all voting methods to require a paper trail to facilitate a transparent canvassing and recount process.

Ethics Commission

The Dem-NPL Party supports an initiated measure to provide an Ethics Commission to foster integrity in public service in state government, to promote the public’s trust and confidence, and to prevent conflicts between private interests and public duties. As such, we support strong candidate financial disclosure requirements.

Infrastructure Funding

The Dem-NPL Party urges the North Dakota legislature to support proposals that will fund the infrastructure needs of all political subdivisions.

Flood Impact Funding

The Dem-NPL Party supports adequate infrastructure funding for all areas impacted by flooding, provided all such infrastructure fully complies with state and local laws and adequate funding is also provided for those impacted by flood mitigation measures.

Annual Legislative Sessions

The Dem-NPL Party supports annual legislative sessions within the 80-day biennial limit to allow for more timely legislative action and make it easier for working people and persons with young or school age children to serve as legislators.

Redistricting Commission

The Dem-NPL Party calls for a constitutional amendment to create a non-partisan redistricting commission that shall be responsible for drawing congressional and state legislative district.

House Sub-Districts

The Dem-NPL supports a legislative change to create individual House sub-districts of State Senate districts.

Reverse Citizens United

The Dem-NPL Party supports a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, in order to reduce the influence of money in politics and to strip “personhood” from corporations.

Money Influence on Politics

The Dem-NPL Party supports efforts to reduce the influence of money in political campaigns and on our elected officials.


The Dem-NPL supports a pathway to citizenship for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) recipients and supports the regulation of immigration through non-discriminatory criteria.