Platform & Resolutions


Higher Education/Student Support

The Dem-NPL Party supports the state legislature providing more funding to students attending our universities to mitigate escalating costs of a college education and make higher education more affordable for all. The Dem-NPL Party further supports the creation of a low interest student loan program for all students who can get a student loan from the Bank of North Dakota at BND base-rate. The Dem-NPL Party supports two years of tuition free in-state post-secondary education to North Dakota high school graduates to a North Dakota University System institution.


The Dem-NPL Party supports allowing local school districts to offer approved Pre-K programs, with state assistance and coordination, along with universal early childhood education and the expansion of Head Start.

Before and After School Programs

The Dem-NPL Party is committed to providing before and after school learning programs.

Special Education Funding

The Dem-NPL Party supports the state fully providing the local portion of funding for special education.

Health Services

The Dem-NPL Party supports all children having consistent access to qualified school nurses and social workers.

Educator and Staff Compensation

The Dem-NPL Party supports state funding so that compensation for all educators and support educational staff are regionally and nationally competitive.

Educators Collective Bargaining

The Dem-NPL supports collective bargaining rights for all Educators and Educational Support Professionals.

New Americans and All Ethnicities

The Dem-NPL supports ESL classes, educational opportunities, and job training for adult immigrants, and for Pre-K-12.

Loan Forgiveness

The Dem-NPL Party supports full forgiveness of student loans for citizens making regular loan payments for 60 months and living in the state.

Vocational Education

The Dem-NPL supports the development of additional Vocational and Technical programs in all education facilities.

Summer School

The Dem-NPL supports Summer School Programs for all students.


The Dem-NPL supports resources for libraries and their staffing.

Non-traditional education

The Dem-NPL supports development of non-traditional approaches to education in higher education.

Lifelong Learning and Critical Thinking Skills

The Dem-NPL supports lifelong learning and critical thinking skills development in preK-12 public schools.

Higher Education Funding

The Dem-NPL supports equitable treatment of all State Higher Education Institutions in the funding formula, additional funding for institutions of higher education, and additional Career and Technical Education internships

Pupil Payments and Transportation Fees

The Dem NPL supports free transportation for all students and increase in per-pupil payments to local schools.