Platform & Resolutions

Business, Labor and Economic Development

Small Business

The Dem-NPL supports initiatives for the development of entrepreneurial small business in rural and urban areas.

Fully-Funded TFFR/PERS

The Dem-NPL supports fully funding state retirement and pension funds of a defined benefit plan for teachers and public employees, and maintaining separate retirement systems for public employees (PERS) and educators (TFFR), in addition to keeping them as a defined benefit plan.

Training Expansion

The Dem-NPL supports expanding education and training programs of workforce development and career transition for both Union and non-Union blue collar and white collar workers to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Right to Work

The Dem-NPL supports repealing the constitutional provision “Right to Work” laws and supports education to explain the dangerous and disingenuous use of the phrase “right to work”.

Undocumented Workers

The Dem-NPL supports Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and supports enforcement of legislation that penalizes employers who exploit undocumented workers and their situation.

Injured Workers

The Dem-NPL supports passage of an Injured Workers Bill of Rights, which would include support wrap around services (mental and physical needs of the injured worker)

Workers’ Rights

The Dem-NPL supports fair labor policies for all workers’ rights including a living wage, a safe workplace, and quality affordable healthcare for their families.

Income Equality

The Dem-NPL Party supports local, state and federal policies that will eliminate the income inequality gap.

Compensation to Care Providers

The Dem-NPL Party supports reimbursing the providers the full cost of providing care to people with disabilities, behavioral health needs, foster care, and other care needs.

Minimum Wage

The Dem-NPL Party supports the increase of minimum wage to $15.00 per hour with an annual cost of living adjustments that is indexed to actual inflation by 2021.

Internet Blocking

The Dem-NPL supports broadband equality for all and the reinstatement of a free and open internet through net neutrality.

WSI for Volunteer First Responders

The Dem-NPL supports the revision of Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI) to include volunteer first responders and firefighters. Our rural areas rely on these volunteers to protect the health and safety of the citizens and community.

Locked Out Workers Revision

The ND Dem-NPL understands the term “Locked-Out Workers” and supports a change in the ND Century Code that specifies, when a worker is barred from the premises preventing the employee from performing the tasks that they were hired to do, the worker will be eligible for unemployment compensation.

State Tribal Partnership

The Dem-NPL supports a partnership between the state and the five Tribal Governments in the development of a Tribal Economic Development Plan.

Rural Infrastructure

The Dem-NPL supports funding and infrastructure for Economic Development of small businesses in smaller towns and cities.

Project Labor Agreements

The Dem-NPL supports bringing back Project Labor Agreement agreements, prevailing wage in State Projects; Davis-Bacon.

Pension Reform

The Dem-NPL supports pension reform such as Butch Lewis Act of 2017.

Taxing Health Plans

The Dem-NPL supports the exclusion of any tax on so-called “Cadillac” health plans (i.e.-UPS)

Restore Postal Service

The Dem-NPL Party supports our Congressional delegation doing all it can to restore a reliable and viable postal service, which includes Saturday delivery.

Rescind Postal Full Pre-funding

The Dem-NPL Party supports urging Congress to rescind the requirement for full pre-funding of future retirement benefits of postal workers.

Reverse Income Inequality Gap

The Dem-NPL Party supports reversing the income inequality gap that has been widening for the past three decades and supports local, state and federal policies that will reverse this trend.