Platform & Resolutions


Members of the Dem-NPL Party of North Dakota join together to build an ethical government that helps create a better tomorrow.


Economy Serving the People

The Dem-NPL has consistently been the leader of sound economic policy. It has long been the ally for families, organized labor, and agriculture; developing policies reflective of a living wage for a healthy lifestyle. Together, we will build North Dakota’s future.

Justice for All

The Dem-NPL believes in freedom, equality, and justice for all North Dakotans. We must afford every individual the right to freely pursue their path to the future and to be treated with fair and equitable treatment.


The Dem-NPL has always been a leader in building strong and safe communities, with quality education, affordable healthcare and elder care, adequate emergency services, and respect for our veterans.


The Dem-NPL works to provide opportunities for the future generations through quality education and sound economic development, while ensuring a healthy lifestyle for all members of the family as it grows and matures.


  • The North Dakota Dem-NPL Party believes the national Democratic Party is ready for Democracy. We believe that all national convention delegates should be elected by a democratic process within the presidential election calendar year. There should be no votes awarded to automatic delegates, ex-officio or super delegates at any level in the process. We hereby request our Democratic National Committee (DNC) representatives and State Party Chair to communicate this position to the DNC and its delegate selection committee(s).
  • The Dem-NPL Party supports efforts to reduce the influence of money in political campaigns and on our elected officials.
  • The Dem-NPL Party supports state funding for EMS training grants and paramedic student loan forgiveness for citizens willing to serve in rural communities and oil producing counties in North Dakota.
  • The Dem-NPL opposes the repeal of the Dodd-Frank Banking Act.
  • The Dem-NPL supports investment in renewable energy to retain energy jobs in the state on a long-term, sustainable basis.