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It’s very simple: Kevin Cramer doesn’t care about seniors. He’ll try to pretend it isn’t true. But it’s just another example of him saying one thing, and then doing another. Once again, Cramer isn’t fighting for North Dakota.

Time and time again, Cramer has worked against seniors’ best interest, voting to rip away seniors’ Social Security and Medicare. The facts don’t lie. Let’s run through them:

  • Cramer voted to put Medicare on the chopping block. He supported a plan that would have cut nearly $500 billion from Medicare, shifted costs onto seniors, and ended Medicare’s guarantee of health coverage. AARP blasted the bill.
  • Cramer voted for a dangerous bill that would weaken Medicare, leaving the door open for benefit cuts and Medicare vouchers. It also would have placed an “age tax” on seniors. More than 75 national organizations, including many medical organizations, opposed the bill. North Dakota AARP even urged members to tell Cramer to vote against the bill. But he didn’t listen.
  • Cramer supported increasing the Medicare eligibility age.
  • Cramer has called for privatizing Social Security as well as means testing Social Security and raising the retirement age. 
  • Cramer said he would support increasing Social Security’s retirement age for people in their 40s or younger. [Associated Press, 9/5/12] 
  • Cramer claimed over and over that cuts to Social Security and Medicare are required to lower the deficit.
  • Cramer voted against protecting Social Security, Medicare, and veterans programs from government shutdown.


Once again, Kevin Cramer is putting himself before our state. North Dakotans just can’t trust Kevin Cramer.