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District 7 Phone Banking

We are reaching out to each of you asking for help.   With the change in the boundaries of our district and the mixed demographics within those new boundaries it is important that we reach out to the community early and often.  Michael Taylor, the DEMNPL summer organizer has reached out to us about an opportunity to do just that.    Michael has a phone banking planned and has asked if our district would like to take advantage of it.

  • Our district needs volunteers for Wednesday evening, September 13 at 6 p.m.
  • The training generally takes about 30 minutes and Michael would answer any questions and ensure all volunteers are comfortable with the script.  Then we would begin calling the community.
  • Michael has arranged for pizza and pop and is looking forward to making it a learning experience as well as a social experience.
  • Please consider helping us out by volunteering and bringing a friend with you.  We would like to make full use of these trainings and opportunities to benefit the district.
  • We have a tremendous opportunity in 2018 to gain legislative seats, let’s send 3 wonderful representatives to the legislature from District 7.
  • You can rsvp to [email protected] or [email protected]