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Dickinson Day of Canvasing

Hello ND Dems! On Saturday August 19th, a day of canvassing will be held before and after the Policy Committee meeting. Lists, turf, and scripts will all be provided.The rendezvous point will be the Elks Club (where the policy committee meeting is set to take place).

Time slots:
10 am – 12 pm, and
6 pm – 7:30 pm

Sign up HERE.

If rain is in the forecast for the day, we will instead hold phone banks during the same time slots as listed above. You are welcome to use your cell phone for the phone banks, but prepaid phone will be provided for those who would like to use them.

This is a great opportunity to engage new people at the doors and help our friends in Dickinson amplify their outreach efforts. Also, it will get the blood in your legs flowing before or after hours of policy discussion. So rain or shine, let’s show District 37 that a Democratic presence is here to stay!

***Reminder*** All times listed are Mountain West, so please plan accordingly.