Working to bring common sense, compassion, and his business experience to the North Dakota House of Representatives.

Meet Darrell

I graduated with a BS degree with a double major in Economics and Business Administration. Professionally, I co-founded and co-owned FURNITURE FOR LESS for 25 years until retiring in December 2023. We established the business from the ground up, transforming it into a successful company with 29 employees serving the Fargo/Moorhead area. Now, at 64, I am enjoying retirement.

I’m passionate about tennis, chess, and supporting my sports teams. I also cherish spending time with my twin sister and a close friend who’s like family to me. I met Bill, a disabled veteran, when he came into my store looking for work. Unable to offer him a job, I invited him to do odd tasks like mowing the lawn. When he faced eviction from a shelter, I opened my home to him. Now, 34 years later, at 72, Bill lives with me due to health issues. I’m grateful for the support of the VA.


My platform is simple and reflective of my values as a lifelong North Dakotan- freedom, investing in our youth, and local control:

  • Ensuring freedom for individuals to make personal choices without government interference
  • Public funds for public schools, not public subsidies for private schools that choose who they educate and who they do not
  • Local control to make decisions about our community, not state and federal lawmakers who are not members of our community and likely have never been here
  • Promoting a robust workforce and economy to empower small local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Creating quality job opportunities for North Dakotans to pursue their career goals, start businesses, and achieve homeownership
  • Providing family support through affordable childcare, paid family leave, and school meals for all
  • Honoring and supporting our veterans

District 22 Legislative Map

District 22 is located in western Cass County. Please view the map for more information.


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