Kevin Cramer Covers for Trump and Plays Politics as Trump Calls American Troops "Losers" and “Suckers”

Kevin Cramer has a long history of saying one thing, and then doing another – all just to serve himself. Now he’s at it again – but this time it’s at the expense of our servicemembers and veterans.

When President Trump was supposed to visit an American veterans cemetery to honor American servicemembers killed in the line of duty, he canceled the trip and said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” He also called them “suckers” for getting killed. 


Did Kevin Cramer condemn Trump's Remarks?

Of course not. He just made excuses and tried to change the topic. 

It doesn’t stop there.

Remember when Cramer filmed a campaign ad at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery, using our fallen servicemembers as political props? He wouldn’t even apologize for the ad. Besides that it’s just plain wrong to use veterans’ headstones for political reasons, Cramer’s antics almost cost the cemetery its federal funding.

Cramer votes in Congress tell the full story:

  • Cramer has voted over and over to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If successful, his actions would strip affordable health coverage from millions of Americans, including almost half a million veterans.
  • Cramer voted against a pay increase for uniformed servicemembers.
  • Cramer said military service is often “a result of lack of other opportunity for employment or revenue.”
  • Cramer claimed funding for active duty military was becoming a “very difficult pill.”
  • Cramer blocked a vote on a bill that would have paid servicemembers during the January 2018 government shut-down.
  • Cramer opposed $9.2 million in funding for hiring additional claims processors for VA benefits backlog.
  • Cramer voted to limit tuition benefits for veterans enrolled in flight schools, like the one at UND.
  • Cramer skipped a vote related to VA staffing, so he could attend a high-dollar, closed-door political fundraiser

Cramer ducked and covered during Trump’s previous disparaging assaults on our servicemembers and veterans when he verbally attacked war hero Senator John McCain and Gold Star families.

And just recently, news reports uncovered that Russia offered bounties on American troops – and Trump knew about it, but did nothing to stop it. He took zero action to stop the purposeful targeting and killing of American servicemembers.

Cramer refused to denounce Trump’s remarks or call out Trump’s lack of action to defend our troops. That’s just par for the course. Because Kevin Cramer doesn’t actually stand up for North Dakotans – he only stands up for himself.

Look at Cramer’s words and you’ll see a politician trying to cover up for the fact that his actions just don’t hold up – including when it comes to our troops and veterans.

North Dakotans understand the importance of service as we serve in the military at some of the highest rates in the country – and our military families serve as well. According to a recent Grand Forks Herald article:

  • North Dakota has the fifth highest per-capita concentration of military members in the country.
  • North Dakota has more than 7,300 active-duty and 4,440 National Guard or reserve service members are based in North Dakota. 
  • The vast majority of active-duty members serve in the U.S. Air Force at the Minot and Grand Forks Air Force bases. 
  • North Dakota is home to nearly 50,000 veterans, according to the North Dakota Census Office.

North Dakota’s dedicated and selfless servicemembers, veterans, and their families deserve better than Kevin Cramer.


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