Corrupt Cramer Play-to-Pay Scheme Leaves American Taxpayers with the Bill

After Cramer received the maximum amount of money to his 2018 campaign from the head of shady company Fisher Industries, Cramer turned around and used every opportunity to get his pal billions of dollars in taxpayer funded contracts. That’s pay-to-play at its finest.

The truth is, Corrupt Kevin Cramer is knee-deep in the swamp.

Cramer cut corners using his elected position to help push Fisher Industries past more reputable construction firms and enabling it to avoid critical federal safety approvals.

Unfortunately, Fisher Industries already had a track record of shoddy work. After initially being unable to get government contracts, Fisher Industries teamed up with a group to build a private border wall. But the wall Fisher Industries built is already falling apart. On top of that, the leaders of the group Fisher worked with have been arrested and accused of fraud. Despite Fisher Industries’ bogus track record, the company then received $2 billion in taxpayer-funded government contracts in just nine months – which Cramer vocally pushed for.

So where does that leave us? It’s a big loss for American taxpayers who paid billions of dollars to a company that builds faulty products. But Kevin Cramer won because he still got his campaign contributions.

Fisher Industries is currently under investigation by the Pentagon’s inspector general. The investigation was spurred by concern from some federal lawmakers that Cramer and others inappropriately tried to push federal contracts to Fisher Industries.

But corruption and faulty construction are only the most recent infractions from the company. The company’s past shows the type of friends Cramer likes to keep.

Fisher Industries has a history of criminal activity, tax fraud, pollution and environmental infractions (totaling almost $2 million in fines), and a federal sexual harassment suit. All of these problems prevented Fisher Industries from getting government contracts in the past. On top of that, CEO Tommy Fisher’s brother was convicted for child pornography in 2005.

Despite all of this, Cramer brought Tommy Fisher to the State of the Union in 2018.

Kevin Cramer continues to put himself first and embarrass our state. North Dakotans deserve better than Kevin Cramer.