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Democratic-NPL to Host Virtual State Convention

In light of the necessary cancellation of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL State Convention, the party has chosen to conduct its convention business virtually. Below is an outline of the tentative plan and schedule:
  • The Dem-NPL is committed to meeting its obligations to our delegates, candidates, and supporters and ensuring that everyone has a voice in our nominating process and in conducting other convention business.
  • Through a virtual process, we will be endorsing candidates for statewide office, electing our DNC Committeeman and Committeewoman, and electing delegates to represent our state at the Democratic National Convention in July. Our Platform and Resolutions Committee will conduct the business of drafting and approving a Platform at a later date.
  • The Dem-NPL staff and leadership is working closely with each District Chair to ensure all delegates and alternates are properly registered and credentialed prior to any votes being taken.
  • All candidates (for statewide office, DNC committee member, and national delegate) have been given the opportunity to create and submit a video or a written statement announcing their candidacy. These videos will be posted on the Dem-NPL website and will be made available to all delegates and the general public. In addition, the candidates for statewide office are organizing a “virtual townhall” that will allow supporters from each District to meet and ask questions of the candidates. This townhall is scheduled for Friday – details forthcoming. Finally, the Dem-NPL has also created a private Facebook group that allows delegates to digitally interact with candidates over the week.
  • On Saturday, through the Simply Voting platform, delegates will be certified and allowed to cast their ballot electronically for all of the aforementioned candidates. The Dem-NPL anticipates releasing results from these elections on early Saturday evening.
While we are all facing uncertain times as our communities and world continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dem-NPL remains committed to promoting an open, transparent process and encouraging full participation in our democracy and in the business of our party,” said Kylie Oversen, Chairwoman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL. “We wish to reiterate our thanks for the patience our delegates, candidates, and supporters have shown as we navigate these new circumstances.”