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District Conventions

District Conventions are an opportunity to gather with the grassroots supporters in your community.

Several important items of business take place at a District Convention:

  1. Your District elects delegates to send to the State Convention on behalf of your district;
  2. Your District may vote on planks or resolutions to send to the State Convention Platform Committee;
  3. If you are in an even numbered District, your District will nominate state legislative candidates to be on the June Primary ballot; and
  4. Most importantly, you will get a chance to meet and socialize with other great Dem-NPLers!

If you don’t know which District you live in, please click here and enter your address.

To find where and when your District Convention will take place, please check out our Events Calendar.

Resources for District Chairs

State Convention

The Democratic-NPL State Convention takes place March 19-22 in Minot. All official convention activities will take place at the Clarion Inn.

Delegates to the State Convention, as elected by their Districts, will take part in an exciting weekend of activism and party-building! At the State Convention, we will nominate candidates for statewide office, debate and approve the Dem-NPL Platform, train Dem-NPL candidates and volunteers, and find new ways to engage and win in 2020 and beyond!

National Convention

The Democratic National Convention will take place July 12-17 in Milwaukee, WI. Each state will elect a certain number of delegates to represent their state. The National Convention is an exciting, chaotic, and fun experience. Beyond the most important business of nominating the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee, the Convention delegates and guests will also hear from an array of excellent speakers, approve the Democratic National Committee platform, partake in caucus meetings, and so much more!

If you are interested in being a delegate, please read this and fill out this form.

Most delegates to the National Convention will be elected at the Dem-NPL State Convention in Minot (these delegates are called District Level Delegates). Several others are elected by the District Level Delegates (these are called “PLEO” and At-Large Delegates). You can find more information on the Democratic Presidential Primary process in North Dakota by
clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dem-NPL.