2020 Democratic Caucus Results

The 2020 North Dakota Democratic Caucus was an all-around success, with more than four times as many votes cast than in the 2016 caucus. With 14 voting locations across the state, in-person voting was more accessible than in past years. Mail-in voting was also added, allowing rural voters to have their voice heard without needing to spend the whole day driving to and from a voting center. Additionally, by switching to a ballot system in lieu of a traditional caucus, voting was made more convenient and accessible to those with time constraints. Still, the overwhelming surge in voter turnout caused long lines at some locations, as well as issues with parking. These problems will be taken into account for the next caucus, and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience that this caused.

Bernie Sanders won the caucus with 52.8% of the vote.  Joe Biden came in second with 39.5%.

Bernie Sanders will receive 8 total National Delegates, including 5 district level delegates, 2 statewide delegates, and 1 PLEO* delegate.

Joe Biden will receive 6 total National Delegates, including 4 district level delegates, 1 statewide delegate, and 1 PLEO* delegate.

As a state with only one congressional district, the allocation of North Dakota’s pledged delegates is determined by proportion of each candidate’s statewide total. Only candidates that received 15% or more of the statewide total receive delegates. Only Sanders and Biden reached that threshold.

*Party Leader & Elected Official, otherwise referred to as a superdelegate or unpledged delegate.

Caucus results by voting location