The Century Club is the heart of our party, the grassroots funding source for the Dem-NPL, and the engine that drives our work for the people of North Dakota. Started in 1959, it is a direct action to take ownership in the party and ensure our efforts are funded by the grassroots, for the grassroots.

For as little as $12.50 a month, you can join the Century Club which gives you access to member-only receptions, special pricing on events throughout the year – not to mention the knowledge that your donation is helping fund the only party that stands for ALL North Dakotans, not just the select few.

Hear from the members



"I am a Century Club member because I believe in electing people with ND Dem-NPL values. I know that my donation goes to helping achieve that goal."

Carol Sawicki, 2017 Century Club Member




"I decided to join the Century Club this year because I looked around at what was happening with the world and felt like I needed to do my part to change it. I know that there is no magical fix, but I know that the work that the Dem-NPL is doing will move ND in the right direction. "

Paige Blanchard, 2017 New Century Club Member