Burgum’s Buyouts Show Effects of Financial Mismanagement, Misguided Cuts

July 10, 2018By Media Release, News, Press Release

Forced to do more with less, state agencies brace for another round of buyouts because of Burgum and the Republican supermajority’s poor stewardship (BISMARCK, ND) — Following the announcement of more buyouts to meet Governor Doug Burgum’s deep and harmful budget goals, Scott McNeil, Executive Director of the Democratic-NPL, released the following statement: “Starting this … Read More

NEW VIDEO: Cramer’s Repeated Calls to Cut Social Security & Medicare

July 9, 2018By Media Release, News, News Clips, Press Release

Cramer Doesn’t Want North Dakotans to Know His True Record on Social Security & Medicare Following Congressman Kevin Cramer’s ad in which he falsely claims that he’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, today the North Dakota Democratic-NPL is launching a new video highlighting the numerous times Cramer has called for these programs to be cut. … Read More

#FBF: Cramer’s Farm Bill Failures

July 6, 2018By News, News Clips, Press Release

Cramer Has History Of Playing Politics With Farm Bill Don’t let the misinformation campaign fool you: Congressman Kevin Cramer – who has never even served on the House Agriculture Committee – has a history of playing politics with the Farm Bill. Cramer voted for a purely partisan Farm Bill, despite the historically non-political nature of … Read More

#TBT: Cramer Calls Farmers’ Concerns Over Trade Fight “Hysteria,” Says They Need Higher “Pain Threshold”

July 5, 2018By Media Release, News, Press Release

As threats of a trade war heighten – with real, dire consequences for North Dakota farmers – Kevin Cramer calls concerns “hysteria,” telling farmers they “don’t have a high enough pain threshold.” Cramer has pledged to be a rubber stamp for the President and vote with him 100 percent of the time and, when confronted … Read More

Cramer Exploited Veterans for Political Purposes

July 3, 2018By News, News Clips, Press Release

Cramer Used Footage of North Dakota Veterans Cemetery for Campaign Purposes, Ignored Concerns of Veterans to Take It Down (BISMARCK, ND) – In 2014, Congressman Cramer used footage of the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery in a campaign ad, even though the Department of Veterans Affairs expressly prohibits the filming of political ads. Despite explicit calls … Read More