Cramer Advises Trump to “Avoid ‘Affirmative Action Pick’ for Supreme Court”

July 10, 2018By Media Release, News Clips, Press Release

A week doesn’t go by without blatant ‘ideologue’ Kevin Cramer putting politics above North Dakota values. CNN: GOP Senate candidate Kevin Cramer: I told Trump to avoid ‘affirmative action pick’ for Supreme Court By Eric Bradner July 9, 2018 Key Points: Rep. Kevin Cramer, a Republican running for the Senate in North Dakota, said last week … Read More

ICYMI: Trade War at Issue in #NDSEN as Cramer Rubber Stamps President’s Policies

July 10, 2018By Media Release, News, News Clips, Press Release

Kevin Cramer has demonstrated time and again that he’ll be a rubber stamp for all of the president’s policies – even when those policies hurt North Dakotans. Unfortunately for Cramer, North Dakotans are taking notice, and they’ll hold him accountable in November. Associated Press: How the trade war is changing minds in a Senate battleground By Jonathan Mattise … Read More

NEW VIDEO: Cramer’s Repeated Calls to Cut Social Security & Medicare

July 9, 2018By Media Release, News, News Clips, Press Release

Cramer Doesn’t Want North Dakotans to Know His True Record on Social Security & Medicare Following Congressman Kevin Cramer’s ad in which he falsely claims that he’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, today the North Dakota Democratic-NPL is launching a new video highlighting the numerous times Cramer has called for these programs to be cut. … Read More

#FBF: Cramer’s Farm Bill Failures

July 6, 2018By News, News Clips, Press Release

Cramer Has History Of Playing Politics With Farm Bill Don’t let the misinformation campaign fool you: Congressman Kevin Cramer – who has never even served on the House Agriculture Committee – has a history of playing politics with the Farm Bill. Cramer voted for a purely partisan Farm Bill, despite the historically non-political nature of … Read More