Dem-NPL statement on attempts to “resurrect” Republican health care repeal

July 19, 2017By danielMedia Release, News, Press Release

“Don’t Stop Calling.”  (BISMARCK, ND) – Responding to reports that Republican Senators are facing pressure from party leaders to resurrect their efforts to rip health care away from tens of thousands of North Dakotans, Democratic-NPL party chairwoman Kylie Oversen issued the following statement:  “Don’t stop calling. Don’t let up the pressure. Now is not the time to quiet … Read More

In their own words: Republicans say “repeal w/o replace” is “nonstarter”

July 18, 2017By danielMedia Release, News, Press Release

Sen. Hoeven’s voice is (unsurprisingly) absent (BISMARCK, ND) – On the heels of a second failure to pass their so-called ‘health care’ bill, some Senate Republicans are floating the idea of repealing health care protections for tens of thousands of North Dakotans and millions of Americans without passing any replacement at all. To do so, in the words of … Read More

Dem-NPL statement on revised Senate health care bill

July 13, 2017By robertMedia Release, News, Press Release

Sen. Hoeven criticizes severe cuts to Medicaid in private meetings; but will he stand for North Dakotans? (BISMARCK, ND) – Democratic-NPL executive director Robert Haider issued the following statement in response to the revised Senate Republican “health care” bill revealed today: “Senate Republicans are scrambling to salvage their deeply unpopular health care bill. Unfortunately, rather than … Read More

Senate Republicans’ approach to fighting opioid crisis like ‘spitting in the ocean’

July 13, 2017By robertMedia Release, News, Press Release 1 Comment

Opioid funding for states like ND comes up far short in revised Republican ‘heath care’ bill (BISMARCK, ND) – Senate Republicans are scrambling to make sweetheart deals and concessions that garner enough support to pass their widely panned, deeply unpopular ‘health care’ bill. One such concession: Add $4.5 billion per year for 10 years for states like North Dakota … Read More

Dem-NPL statement on Sen. Hoeven opposing Republican health care bill

July 6, 2017By robertMedia Release, News

(BISMARCK, ND) – Responding to a CNN report that Sen. John Hoeven has come out against the Senate Republican health care bill, Democratic-NPL executive director Robert Haider released the following statement:   “Courage means standing up in the face of difficulty with moral strength. We’re glad Sen. Hoeven finally came out against the Republican health care bill – but doing so … Read More