BREAKING: Kevin Cramer Must Apologize and Disavow Support from Anti-LGBTQ Hate Group

June 14, 2018By Media Release, News, Press Release

Why did Kevin Cramer seek the support of a radical hate group?   (BISMARCK, ND) — After a CNN investigative journalist exposed Kevin Cramer’s ties to an extreme anti-LGBTQ hate group supporting Congressman Kevin Cramer’s campaign today, the North Dakota Dem-NPL called on Cramer to immediately disavow the hate group’s endorsement and advertising paid for by … Read More

Stenehjem-backed Lawsuit Will Strip Away Pre-Existing Conditions Protections for North Dakotans

June 14, 2018By Media Release, News, Press Release

Thompson: North Dakota’s Attorney General violated state law by joining lawsuit (GRAND FORKS, ND) — This week, the Department of Justice announced that it would not be defending current laws protecting people with pre-existing conditions from a lawsuit in which – as it turns out – North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has illegally attempted to commit State of North Dakota. Democratic-NPL candidate for Attorney … Read More

North Dakota Democratic-NPL Statement on Primary Election

June 14, 2018By Media Release, News, Press Release

Volunteer engagement points to good news for Dem-NPL candidates in November (BISMARCK, ND) — Following Tuesday’s primary election, North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party Executive Director Scott McNeil released the following statement: “We are very pleased with the showing of Democratic-NPL candidates had in Tuesday’sprimary election. From Senator Heitkamp and our other statewide candidates to legislative and … Read More

PANTS ON FIRE: Kevin Cramer is Lying, Running from His Votes to Undermine Protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

June 13, 2018By Media Release, News, Press Release

Cramer previously accused people with pre-existing conditions of trying to “game the system” (BISMARCK, ND) — Kevin Cramer is so worried about his record on health care that he keeps lying about it. Today, he claimed he supported protections for pre-existing conditions, but his claim couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s also rewriting history … Read More